[Of the ~ sutoraiku]Women's Millennium Kingdom Hanhua Hard Drive Edition (Ruishu Hanhua Group)

The characters in this production are all men wearing women's clothes,I'm curious.,And then if the sex is a pseudonym,,If she's pregnant,,So how do women survive in this country?
Waiting.The Millennium Pigeon Kingdom is finally done. Continue reading

[Key] Summer Pockets REFLECTION BLUE

Summer Pockets REFLECTION BLUE is a love adventure game produced by Japanese gaming company Key,Summer Pockets series。
The theme of this work is "Whenever,Will remember the summer blue ..." (んな も a summer green を、えて た。)
The story takes place on an island called Bird White Island in the Inland Sea of Odo.,Tells the story of the encounter and exchange of girls on the island by The hara-Yuan Yuli。 Continue reading

[JSK workshop] Old Man Hunting Girl and SuperPower Uncle

Imaten 刚发售 荣 first-place doujin Koyu戏,试 Ryoichi Shimosin Good-will。First-person flash 擎戏。
Toy House 变 "Super-Ability 叔",Wakari 猎 Big 叔 Girl "蓝 Saki Yua" 战。战 获 Skill Points,级你 superpower,Comprehensive "让 Other Sleep 觉"、"让 摔 other"、"让 other 处 态、"stop 让时间", etc.。
战 Tonaka Kai 坏 Broken Uniform、Underwear、袜, etc.,The 结 对 战,现 4种 Unsealed 结 Bureau。

Azusou Amari 2 个 sentence夹,one-个-run format version,similar 乎 presented disease poison,Direct 离 Ward,Unknown truth.。为 计 议 of the arithmetic desk safety failure。
夹 还 one of the 个 of the text of the sentence, adobe AIR version of the cheap package。这个 for cheap and easy-to-dress insoded poisoning 风险问题,
无-law batting 开-like AIR version,载 个 adobe air 戏 normal toy 这个。
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[Ichimatsu Made] Gohome

A good-will-the-world horror game、Koyu Wa Parents' Run,
The House Of The Demon Soul On The Road,
And other tithing to the capital not to be in demand。Najo Tede-sato Noe-no-i-an- parents?(I hope people are okay.)
Warning,This game contains elements of hunting horror,Don't click on those with low mental capacity

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[エウシュリー] Heaven lying

This game is the highest-selling game of the month, with the exception of Fantasy Wanhua Mirror。
SLG game developed by eushully community,The plot is mainly about the master master mastering of the temptation skills,And then all the way to the girl.。
Most of the female characters in the game have independent CDs and bleed.,Angel demons or a whole bunch of things。Interested to play,The game is still very good. Continue reading

[Ensemble] Secret Agent

The hero is the son of a ninja who has been shouldering a national defense mission since the Edo era.,
Xun, who grew up in a family like this, is still practicing with ninjas as the target.,The target is the heir to the secret spy's mother.。
In order to solve the "bat incident" that caused social unrest,,He was ordered to transfer to winter school.。

Speaking of knights and ninjas,,Except for the more maid cafes.,I've been to The Girl Seingo Coffee and Ninja Cafe in Akihabara.,Experience is OK.,The price is not high.,
Just order a drink.,About 2,000 yen.,can default to kneeling or you ask to sit next to you and talk to you for 30 minutes.,
You sit on a stool and she kneels in front of you looking up at you,It's exciting.。You can also let them dance and sing.。Talent is good.。If you just need to enjoy these XX coffee is quite good Continue reading

[Trade ship] Farion's War(Furion Chronicles)(Chinese Traditional Edition)

This is an SRPG game.,Similar to a flame stamp,Every female character can be attacked.。
The male master took a group of sisters and went to attack the demons.。There's something a knight does.,Nothing to do with a female knight.,Is the core of this work.。Joking.。
There's another all-age version on the team.。Like the all-age can go to buy a,Just less CG.,The content of the game is basically the same.。 Continue reading

[MELLOW] - Petrichor-

Actually, I prefer this short story.,It's like reading a novel.,It would be better if it could be made into a mobile version.。
This game is an overview of the word is:"Clearly I came first.…..Why is this going to happen??”

"I like it.,The smell of rain。Tidal smell -"
That smell reminds me.。
2Rainy nights years ago
"Please and I H。...... Take my first time.] Continue reading